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Ancient tribes and medieval craftsmen put their heart and soul into their jewelry creations, which they believed were charged with unseen magical power. Their unique, distinctive designs and fine craftsmanship have remained unsurpassed to this day. Most of these reproductions are hand-made in Europe in the old tradition of infusing jewelry and talismans with spiritual power.

Dr.Dee's Universal Table 

This finely crafted brass and copper replica of Dr. John Dee's powerful table of universal forces. It was worn for protection from forces originating on any level of reality. See Chains. Item #332. Normally $24 - now $9

First Matter Pendant 

Beautifully hand-crafted in lead-free pewter and silver and embellished with a Swarovski blue crystal in the center, this eight-pointed star (the "Chaostar") is symbolic of the chaos and power of the First Matter. The design captures the fractal concept of "order within chaos." Comes with matching chain, jewelry box, and description of its purpose. 1.5 inch diameter. Item #317. Normally $23 - now $9


UROboros Pentagram Pendant 

The Uroboros (or Ouroboros) encircles and contains the five elements of the pentagram. Pewter. 1 inch high. See Chains. Item #312. $6


Serpent in the Pentagram Pendant 

Serpent entwined in the pentagram symbolizes the quintessential life force winding its way through the elements. Pewter. 1 inch across. See Chains. Item #313. $6

Winged Scarab Pendant 

Ancient Egyptian symbol for the First Matter raised to spiritual perfection, the scarab also represents the immortality of the soul and its resurrection on a higher plane. Hardened pewter. 1 inch wide. See Chains. Item #306. $5

Alchemist's Glass Bottle Pendant 

Small glass vial with brass loop in cork stopper in shape of alchemist's specimen jar. Use for essential oils, tinctures, or seal with superglue for magical intention ingredients. 1 inch high. See Chains. Item #337. $3


Alchemist's Glass BOILING Flask Pendant 

Small glass vial with brass loop in cork stopper in shape of alchemist's boiling flask. Use for essential oils, tinctures,  or seal with superglue for magical intention ingredients. 1 inch high. See Chains. Item #338. $3

Winged Serpent Dragon Pendant 

Winged serpentine dragon rising from flames with red Swarovski crystal symbolizing the Philosopher's Stone. Comes with a silvertone 24" chain. Approx. 2" long x 1" wide. Pewter. An alchemically significant and beautiful piece. Item # JWSD. $6.95


Large two-sided coin from China contains all the important symbols of alchemy. Dragon and Phoenix on one side, Chinese characters on the other. For a complete interpretation of these symbols, click More Information. The coin can be used as a good luck charm or thread a leather cord through it to make a protective talisman. Traditionally, three Chinese coins are used as I Ching prophecy indicators. Approx. 1 7/8" diameter.

1 Alchemist Coin. Item #JICHID. $3.95 
5 Alchemist Coins. Item #JICHID. Quantity discount. $16.95

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This alchemical pendant reveals the esoteric relationship between the circle/octagon, the tria prima, and the life force. The perfection of the life force is at the center of the Great Work. Strong, antiqued metal. 1-3/4 inches high and wide. Exclusive to Crucible Catalog! #PS304. $3

SACRED TRIAD PENDANT - Clearance SALE - 70% Off!


The art of Celtic knotwork has been steeped in mystery for over a thousand years. The religious beliefs of the Celtic peoples is expressed by the symbolism found in their manuscripts, stonework, and jewellery. The beauty and workmanship achieved by the ancient Celts is the inspiration for this range of jewellery. Imported from Cosmic Pewter studios of England, this pendant is made of 100% lead-free high quality pewter. Hand finished to a satin finish, each pendant is sealed with a gloss laquer. Attached on a 30" adjustable boot lace necklace and mounted on individual themed display cards. Retails for $9.95. Our price: $3 



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