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Gold Colloid   Lowest Price Anywhere for this Quality! Now at higher concentration!


Colloidal gold (Aurum Potable) has been called the "Solution of the Soul." It is a traditional alchemical preparation that contains micro-particles of purest gold in permanent solution. These particles are so small they do not settle nor can they be filtered out of solution. Historically, alchemists believed this  gold colloid cleared the mind, increased intelligence and will power, and balanced the emotions. True colloidal gold is extremely difficult to produce, and our non-ionic preparation is made under the highest standards using a special 60,000-volt vibratory distiller. This item is offered as an alchemically significant sacramental solution, to enhance meditation, and to increase the flow of chi in the body. There are no documented side effects to taking this preparation, except some medical sources have stated that gold colloid should not be taken by people suffering from bi-polar disorder. Consult with your nutritionist or physician for more information. Our product has a guaranteed high concentration (20+ ppm) with a particle size of less than .001 microns. The mean size of the gold particles is 1.4 nanometers and the micro-molecules contain only about 84 gold atoms each. The purity of the gold metal used to make our colloid is 0.9999! As a metaphysical supplement, use one teaspoon (5ml) to one tablespoon (15ml) taken three times daily. A teaspoon per 70 pounds of body weight is a good approximation. More Information. FDA Guidelines. 8 oz. 25% discount to Crucible customers! (Retails at $49.95) Item 420A. $34.95



Longam Vitam Elixir  On Sale!

Paracelsus, the great alchemist and father of modern medicine, formulated this “Elixir Ad Longam Vitam” ("Elixir for a Long Life") in 1538. He called it a "Universal Remedy" and promised it would “harmonize all the major internal organ functions and benefit the whole body” to enable the “longest life span” possible. Unfortunately, his original formula was lost or stolen and not rediscovered until 450 years later in a copy of one of his unpublished manuscripts. Our Longam Vitam Elixir is his original formula spagyrically prepared by the same methods Paracelsus used, in the same proportions he recommended. The resulting tincturized solution helps to digest and eliminate wastes, thereby opening the channels of life force in the body. Improves the circulation of blood, lymph, and "vital airs" in the body and generally benefits organ health through the increased circulation of chi (life force). Eases feeling of fullness and stagnation and reduces gas and bloating. Improves nutrient absorption in the intestines and removes blockages in the bowels. Can also be applied directly to skin to reduce inflammation by dissipating fluids in the tissue and thereby ease itching or burning sensations. Ingredients: Manna, Saffron, Aloe, Turkish Rhubarb Root, Senna Leaf, Zedoary Root, Theriac Venetian, Angelica Root, Carline Thistle Root, Myrrh, Camphor, Proprietary Ingredients, and Alcohol. Dosage: Adults and children (over 15): 20-50 drops (˝-1 dropper or ˝-1 teaspoon) one to three times daily after meals. May be added to tea or juice or used as a seasoning in cooking. 4-ounce glass bottle with 4-inch dropper. Item# DH01. Normally $39.95. Now 33% off! $19.95.

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