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All these herbs expand or alter consciousness in various ways. They have been used by shamans and spiritual leaders throughout the ages to transport the consciousness to levels of being not ordinarily experienced. Such experiences open the doors of the soul to new realms of being are tools of personal growth and spiritual advancement. These tinctures contain the energetic essences of the initiatic herbs and are intended for spiritual work in meditation.

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DAMIANA - Turnera diffusa.

Ruled by Venus. A liqueur of Damiana, in a goddess-shaped bottle, is a traditional wedding gift in Mexico. Famous for its aphrodisiac and tonic properties, Damiana also helps the general health of the sexual organs, and is antiseptic to the urinary tract. Damiana is also very protective to the tissues of the reproductive organs, and used to heal "honeymoon cystitis", the pain and inflammation from frequent lovemaking. Damiana is stimulating and rejuvenating to the reproductive organs, as well as to the nervous system, especially increasing the tactile sensation of the skin. It is also used as a general women's tonic and is believed to increase fertility in both men and women. It can be over-stimulating to the nervous system, and is best taken in small, frequent doses, for finite periods of time. Item #NTH31. 5 ml. Retails for $25.00. Now only $12!


DEVIL'S CLUB - Oplopanax horridus 
Traditional use: immune stimulant, respiratory & general antibiotic, detoxification, metabolic tonic, adaptogen. A large, strong, well-armored spiny plant, Devil's Club is a bane to loggers but a true Northwestern tonic treasure. It is related to Eleuthero (Siberian) Ginseng, and shares many of its taste and healing qualities. As a tonic, Devil's Club is adaptogenic, helping the body deal with all types of stress and adversity. It is especially well-suited for people of stocky build with some combination of thyroid imbalance, tension and stress, high blood pressure, and blood sugar imbalance. In these types of people, Devil's club acts to smooth out the body's swings of response to stresses, helping the whole system to maintain more even and balanced metabolic function. Devil's club also has a history of use by Native Americans for adult-onset diabetes, and can be helpful to reduce sugar cravings and balance weight. Like other adaptogens, Devil's Club shows benefit in rheumatoid arthritis and related auto-immune disorders, and it is also a strong expectorant and respiratory stimulant, useful at the end stages of a cold or flu.
#NTH100. 5 ml. Retails for $25.00. Now only $12!



GINKGO - Ginkgo biloba.

Ruled by Mercury. Ginkgo trees are the oldest still-extant species of tree, and are extremely resistant to climactic changes, pollution, viruses, fungus, radiation, etc. Ginkgo brings those qualities to those who use it. It is used extensively in the Orient as an herb of longevity, extending the functional periods of one’s life, besides just the span. Studies indicate that Ginkgo reduces blood cell clumping and relaxes blood cells so that blood can flow more freely, reduces tendencies towards blood clots, and increases oxygen flow to the heart muscle. Ginkgo should not be used by anyone using other blood-thinning agents. It also appears to increase blood flow to the brain, and increase the body’s levels of acetylcholine, dopamine, and norepinephrine, which are vital brain neurotransmitters. For these reasons, Ginkgo is often used with great success for memory loss from various causes, as well as general lack of optimum brain function. It has been shown to greatly increase mental alertness, memory, and attention span, and is potentially useful in all cognitive disorders. Some recent research has found Gingko to be effective in correcting the loss of sexual desire that occurs as a result of the use of some anti-depressants, and it was especially helpful in women with such problems. Ginkgo’s anti-oxidant and free-radical scavenging effects are focused on the brain and central nervous system, and so it may help reduce damage there from aging, strokes, poisons, and brain-damaging drug use, especially cocaine. Some recent research has found Gingko to be effective in correcting the loss of sexual desire that occurs as a result of the use of some anti-depressants, and it was especially helpful in women with such problems. Bulk Fresh Herb also available. Item #NTH23. 5 ml. Retails for $25.00. Now only $12!


KAVA KAVA - Piper methysticum.

Ruled by Moon. Traditionally used in Polynesia as a narcotic and euphoric, as well as a social sacrament for promoting friendly interpersonal interactions. Indeed, any important community function within the native groups of the area is marked by the ceremonial drinking of Kava preparations, especially in meetings where there is potential for negativity, such as treaties or reconciliation between enemy groups. Kava Kava can act to calm social nervousness and anxiety, while still promoting an outgoing and friendly nature, not overly sedated. Modern usage has shown Kava to be an effective antispasmodic, painkiller, and sedative, and it has also been found to be an excellent remedy for migraine headaches. It is also used for nervousness and insomnia, and for nerve, muscle, and skin problems where pain is involved. Historically, groups consuming Kava on a regular basis have few troubles with diseases of the sexual organs, and they claim that any outbreaks of sexual diseases are halted by the Kava before they damage the body. Bulk Fresh Herb also available. Item #NTH15. 5 ml. Retails for $25.00. Now only $12!


MAGIC GRASS - Gynostemma pentaphyllum.

Ruled by Sun. Gynostemma’s common name in its native China translates as "Magic Grass", and it is highly revered as a tonic to all systems and bodily functions. It has a unique position as both a tonic and specific cure, and so is helpful in a wide variety of complaints. Its broad usefulness comes from its excellent adaptogenic properties, through which it helps the body to respond to many stresses and adverse conditions. It has been used to combat fatigue and low energy, increase oxygen efficiency and metabolism, improve digestion and appetite, and balance nervous system function. Its effects on the nervous system are especially interesting, as it can be calming or stimulating as needed. It can also work in both directions regarding weight, increasing or decreasing according to the direction of imbalance. The list of conditions it has been used to treat also includes sexual dysfunction, immune disorders, emotional imbalances, inflammations, cancer, blood sugar imbalances, and much more, and its very bitter taste suggests liver tonic properties as well. Item #NTH41. 5 ml. Retails for $25.00. Now only $12!

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