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This wonderfully alchemical view of modern cosmology by mathematician Brian Swimme communicates its wisdom in the form of a classical dialogue between alchemical apprentice and teacher. That Swimme is an alchemist is without doubt. "If humans committed themselves to their deepest allurements with the same devotion that stars bring to their own activation of power, the earth would enter a new era of wellbeing." Item # GREDRA. Normally $12.95. 70% discount! $4

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Emotional Wisdom: Daily Tools for Transforming Anger, Depression, and Fear  

A groundbreaking book, Emotional Wisdom reveals powerful ancient tools for transforming our painful emotions into happiness and health. So-called negative emotions are valuable messages that let us know we are out of balance. With compassion and humor, Taoist authors Mantak Chia and Dena Saxer explain the messages that anger, depression, fear, worry, and stress offer us. They present three easy-to-learn twenty-minute internal energy practices, with helpful illustrations, to turn these imbalances into harmony and joy. They provide unusual nutritional advice for emotional healing and a Taoist First Aid section with proven natural remedies for minor ailments such as insomnia, indigestion, headaches, and overeating. Relevant quotes from the Tao Te Ching add inspiration to this practical, life-changing book. Retails for $16.95. 50% discount! $9




This book by psychotherapist Pamela Welch is about the healing experience of self-embodiment. She reveals that many of our "problems" in life are actually coded messages from our souls and shows how to decipher them. The soul's connection to the physical world is through our individual energy fields, which can be restructured for healing, personal growth, and spiritual awakening. Item #ENEBOD. Retails for $14.95. 70% off! $4.50


Mapping Your Sex Life: Understanding Your Passion, Trust, & Intimacy Astrologically 

This astrological guide to good sex can help you understand the desires, fantasies, motivations, and expectations of you and your partner. No previous astrological knowledge is needed, just a birth date, time, and place. With the help of the included Windows-based CD, create a birth chart to gain astrological help in achieving a physically, emotionally, and spiritually satisfying sex life. Software calculates and interprets your needs and desires. By Stephanie J. Clement, Ph.D. 227 pages. Oversize 7x10 inches.Retails for $19.95. 50% off! $10. 




Studies in Occult Anatomy: Man, Grand Reflection of the Greater Cosmos is a three volume set by Bruce Fisher dealing with the physics and metaphysics of the human body. Volume 1: Introduction; The Macrocosm and the Microcosm; Occult Embryology; The Brain and Its Organs. 8-1/2 x 11 inch format, elegantly comb-bound, 158 pp., 93 tables and illustrations: 49 in color. Volume 2: The Heart and the Blood; The Spinal Column and the Chakras, Parts I and II; The Endocrine Chain. 8-1/2 x 11 inch format, elegantly comb-bound, 135 pp., 58 tables and illustrations: 36 in color. Volume 3: The Astral or Desire Body; Sight and the Mental Body; Healing and Disease in Light of Our Subtle Bodies; The Evolutionary Path—The Causal Body and the Ego. 8-1/2 x 11 inch format, elegantly comb-bound, hard laminated covers, 122 pp., 62 tables and illustrations: 30 in color. More Information. Item# 1022. Our price $64.95


Author Vince Morris believes that through deep meditation a person takes a vital step toward the realization of personal potential. Through Zanshin meditation this awareness can be achieved. In the martial arts, Zanshin is a calm, concentrated awareness. Morris believes it is important to create harmony between the mind and body and utilize the mind to improve the practice of Aikido and other martial arts, as well as daily living. He gives a clear idea of what each meditation tries to achieve and stresses the importance of mental rehearsal and visualization before committing to something. Item # ZANSHI. Retails for $8.95. Our price $3.00!


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The Game Changers: Social Alchemists in the 21st Century 

This book is dedicated to times such as these, times of great transformation. It can be seen as a companion guide on how to navigate the tumultuous tides of change. It aims to put such current events into a possible context within the evolutionary process that humanity is going through. In it, author, physicist, and change-agent, Theresa Bullard, Ph.D., discusses emerging new paradigms, world events, future trends, and ancient wisdom that help reveal a bigger picture of what is happening. This book offers insights and solutions to empower you, the reader, to become a more conscious participant in these exciting times of change. With this knowledge you will be more equipped to harness the opportunities that such times present you with. If we wish to effect change in our world in a sustainable way, we must come from a foundation of knowledge and understanding of the deeper principles behind the change-process. How do we successfully change and transform our system? This is where Alchemy comes in. In ancient times, the transformations that we've been through, and are going through now, would have been recognized as an alchemical process. That alchemical process is one of purifying and transforming us in a way that is meant to lift us up to a higher and more integral state of existence. As each of us dare to take an active role in transforming our lives and our world, educate ourselves in the ways of change, and empower others to do the same, then we can become the Game Changers that we have been waiting for. 55 pages. On sale! $4



Alchemy at Work: Using the Ancient Arts to Enhance Your Work LIfe is a guide to using the ancient art of alchemy as a means of achieving career satisfaction and prosperity. The book is from a renowned British author and psychic by Cassandra Eason, and therein is the chief clue to its contents. This book contains various forms of divination in general outlines (the author has also written The Complete Guide to Divination), several forms of psychic protection, as well as lists of crystals, basic universal meanings of symbols, gems, oils, incense and smudge sticks, as well as color meanings. All of this indicates that the real focus of this work is on using one's innate, untapped abilities to expand your capabilities - which is a kind of alchemy all of us have access to. Go to Selections From This Book to see the Table of Contents and selected chapters. Crossing Press. 330 pages. Retails for $14.95. Our price $4.50!



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