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International Directory of Haunted Places 


From an overgrown temples at Angkor Wat in Cambodia to the empty shower stalls at Dachau in Germany, this books chronicles all the latest hauntings worldwide. Great Britain and Europe, Africa, the Middles East, Russia, Asia, Australia, the Pacific Islands, South America and the Caribbean, and all of Canada over 750 new cases with a hundred photographs of apparitions and locations. Visit haunted jail houses in Iceland. Enter ghostly castles in Scotland. Or meet household spirits in Russia. No matter what your destination, this unique guide will direct you to the eeriest spots in the area. Each entry includes a spine-tingling description plus precise travel directions, phone numbers, and, if available, Internet addresses. This indispensable casebook will be of special interest to paranormal researchers and folklorists, because it provides a unique look at the variations among paranormal phenomenon in different countries and cultures. Tourists and armchair travelers alike will find this directory a fascinating companion to traditional guidebooks. Over 700 geographically arranged entries on haunted houses and sacred sites from around the world reveals the universal nature of paranormal encounters. Precise location and contact information for each entry. 90 photographs. Oversize: indexed. Penguin 2000. More Information.


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