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Captain Quirk Captain Quirk: The Unauthorized Biography of William Shatner


by Dennis William Hauck


A behind-the-scenes look at the life and career of William Shatner details his stormy relationships with fellow Star Trek cast members, his own encounter with extraterrestrials, his personal life, and more. Details William Shatner's UFO abduction experience, which occurred in the Mojave Desert shortly after the cancellation of the "Star Trek" television series. Shatner was convinced he was in telepathic contact with an alien intelligence and had been chosen to lead the planet into the galactic community! When the aliens did not return for him, Shatner contacted the author, who worked with him on a movie (Mysteries of the Gods) and helped the actor come to terms with his weird experience. Included are exclusive interviews with "Star Trek" castmembers who reveal their true feelings about their passionate but egocentric captain.

Pinnacle Books (1995). 300 pages. 33 photos. ISBN: 0786001852 eBook (pdf) $4.95.

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eBook $4.95




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