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The Alchemy Home Study Program is now operated by the International Alchemy Guild. Each of the seven modules in this program contains experiments that demonstrate the ideas presented. Some of these experiments are alchemistic meditations and others are practical experimental demonstrations. Complete information on this program can be found at Enroll at Tuition: $80 per module.


This course is designed to guide the student into the practical laboratory works of herbal alchemy. Starting with an overview of alchemical principles, you will learn both the why and how of laboratory operations applied to the herbal realm. Learn to set up an alchemical laboratory of your own with hints and tips to keep within anyone's budget. Progress from simple Spagyric Elixirs, which begin the process of cleansing and balancing the physical and subtle bodies, to the summit of vegetable works, the “Herbal Stone”. By the end of this course you will have developed both the skill and confidence to continue your own alchemical investigations for many years to come. This course is taught by noted spagyricist and author Robert Allen Bartlett. In 1974, he began an intensive course of alchemical study at Paracelsus College under the guidance of Dr. Albert Reidel (Frater Albertus). During this time, Robert lived in central Idaho where he performed personal research on botanical materials and worked underground mining antimony (an important alchemical resource). By 1976, at the prompting of Frater Albertus, Robert returned to college at Boise State University to complete his degree in chemistry with the view of working at the newly formed Paralab, a commercial offshoot of Paracelsus College. During this time Robert was employed as a geochemical assayer for the mining industry. In 1979, he received his degree in chemistry and immediately began work at Paralab as Chief Chemist. Working closely with Frater Albertus, Robert researched and developed a wide range of mineral and metallic preparations following Western and Eastern alchemical traditions for applications in alternative health care. Later, Robert was selected by Frater Albertus to become a Director of Research at Tristar, a new vision of modern alchemy organized by Frater Albertus which unfortunately died with him in 1984. Robert’s pursuit of alchemical research never diminished, as he continued his chemistry career as a research scientist for new ceramic materials, then later as the Chemistry Department Manager for a large materials testing laboratory. Complete information at Enroll at Tuition $25.



Courses in the Paranormal Studies department are currently offered through home study only. The typical course consists of the preprinted certificate and IDs (for PS101 and PS102), a Resource CD containing the manual, lessons, investigative forms, research files, and a final examination. Students completing PS101 successfully will be issued a certificate and laminated identification card in Paranormal Investigation. Students completing PS102 will receive a certificate and photo identification card in UFO Investigation. If desired, successful graduates of these courses will be listed as qualified investigators in directories and online resources. Students completing PS212 will be certified in Parapsychology and those completing PS301 will become Certified EVP Technicians. To receive the Diploma in Paranormal Studies, students must complete all five courses in this department. (The Diploma is included at no extra cost in the option below.) Courses in the Paranormal Studies department are through correspondence only. All courses may be taken simultaneously with other courses in this department. International Students are welcome. Certificates issued by Flamel College.


The Diploma in Paranormal Studies is awarded to students who order this option and successfully complete all the courses (listed above) in this department. All five of the above courses are shipped at the same time and include all IDs and certificates. The Diploma with a special display folder is included with the other materials and is filled in by the student on successful completion of the assignments. No waiting! Certificates issued by Flamel College. Tuition for all five courses with certificates, IDs, and Diploma is $215. Enroll at


Paranormal Investigation

The Paranormal Investigator Certification (PS101) course offered by Flamel College is one of the most respected in this field. The course is designed for students wishing to conduct paranormal investigations and research apparition and ghost sightings, the nature of the soul, poltergeist activity, and voice, electronic, and photographic evidence of paranormal activity. Successful candidates will be granted a certificate and issued an identification card. The course includes a proprietary manual and syllabus to guide you step-by-step through your studies, as well as many other eBooks and recordings on the Resource CD. Students will learn:

  • How to find and research suspected haunted areas.
  • How to conduct effective eyewitness interviews.
  • How to form paranormal groups.
  • How to use electronic detection equipment in an investigation.
  • How to capture paranormal phenomena on various kinds of cameras.
  • How to record disembodied voices and paranormal sounds on tape.
  • How to assemble an affordable ghost-hunting kit.
  • How to undertake special investigations such as graveyards.

 Tuition for this course is $45 and includes the textbooks and manual and hundreds of resources, software and ebooks on CD. Certificate and ID card are sent with the course. Just fill them in after successfully completing the self-scoring exam in the manual. Enroll at


UFO Investigation

This course is designed for students wishing to conduct investigations or research into UFO sightings, abduction reports, animal mutilations, crop circles,and government knowledge of extraterrestrial visitations. Successful candidates will be granted a certificate, issued an identification card, and listed in directories of UFO investigators. This course is one of the most respected in this field and is taught by ufologist Bruce Schaffer, former president of the International UFO Registry (IUFOR) and editor of the Journal of UFOlogy.



Lessons include:

  • History of UFOlogy
  • What Are UFOs?
  • Psychology of Alien Abduction
  • Becoming a UFO Investigator
  • Equipment, Tools, and Forms
  • How to Detect and Photograph UFOs
  • On-Site Investigation Procedures
  • Preparing for Possible Confrontation
  • Evaluating Reported Sightings
  • Working with the Media and Organizations
  • Resources for the Serious Investigator
 Tuition for this course is $45 and includes the textbooks and manual and scores of resources, software and ebooks on CD. Certificate and ID card are sent with the course. Just fill them in after successfully completing the self-scoring exam in the manual. Enroll at

EVP Technician Training

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) are unexplainable paranormal audible events of unknown origin, which can be heard and captured in recordings on various types of electronic recording apparatus. The phenomenon has been captured using radios, televisions, tape recorders, telephones and answering machines, film, and a variety of digital equipment. The most successful efforts involve using pure “White Noise,” a random background sound devoid of any outside or terrestrial signals. Interest in EVP began in the1920s, when Thomas Edison suggested the possibility of constructing a machine to communicate with the dead. “It is possible to construct an apparatus,” he said in an interview in Scientific American, “which will be so delicate that if there are personalities in another existence or sphere who wish to get in touch with us in this existence or sphere, this apparatus will at least give them a better opportunity to express themselves than the tilting tables and rapping and ouija boards and mediums and the other crude methods now purported to be the only means of communication.” During World War II there was a rash of EVP recordings intercepted by military equipment, but serious research began with the electronic age in the 1950s. Today most paranormal researchers agree that EVP is an actual, recurring system of interdimensional communication. Students will be taught how to successfully capture EVP using a variety of equipment, how to set up EVP sessions, how to capture evidence of the phenomena, and how to record and analyze the results using the computer software provided. EVP is the fastest growing segment of paranormal research and many organizations are seeking certified EVP technicians.

The course CD includes the EVP Technician Manual, setup check-sheets, and a sampling of startling, actual EVP recordings. Sound monitoring, editing, and enhancing software is also included on a CD. Tuition for this course is $45 and includes the textbook and CD. Certificate is sent with the course. Just fill it in after successfully completing the self-scoring exam in the manual. Enroll at



Parapsychology is the scientific study of paranormal phenomena. The "paranormal" (literally "beyond the normal") refers to exceptional human experiences that do not seem to be explainable in terms of our everyday understanding or known scientific principles. Paranormal experiences often seem weird, uncanny, or unnatural, but are really part of a hidden part of nature of which we are not aware. Topics include: Extrasensory Perception; Telepathy; Clairvoyance and Clairaudience; Psychometry;  Precognition and Premonitions;  Remote Viewing; Channeling and Mediumship; Dowsing; Past Life Memories, Out of Body and Near Death experiences, and Psychokinesis. Resource CD includes a complete deck of Zener testing cards and scoresheets. The class is taught by Dr. Alex Hayden, a widely respected researcher into PSI, which is the scientific term for the energy behind clairvoyance and psychokinesis. The exam is self-grading and the certificate is included with the course materials to be filled in by the student. To enroll now with a credit card, click the button below and pay tuition online, by mail, or by fax.

The course includes a RESOURCE CD that contains the Parapsychologist Manual, testing forms, scores of books and articles on the subject, and parapsychology testing software. The exam is self-grading and the certificate is included with the course materials to be filled in by the student. Enroll at



Cryptozoology is a combination of anthropology and zoology in which researchers try to find and study animals that are only rumored to exist. In other words, cryptozoologists study animals and other creatures that have not yet been accepted by science as real. They look for specimens of unknown creatures they refer to as "cryptids." In a way, cryptozoologists are a specialized branch of monster hunters. Cryptozoology does not normally collect or study UFO reports, ghosts, or even animal apparitions. Nor do cryptozoologists normally study out-of-place animals or newly-discovered small animals and insects, since finding new species of such creatures is fairly common among biologists.

Therefore, the goal of cryptozoologists is to discover evidence of a new species or subspecies of large unknown animals. Bernard Heuvelmans, the author of the first book on cryptozoology  (On the Track of Unknown Animals) hoped to make cryptozoology a science and separated it from other fields of study involving more "paranormal" sightings, as early researchers in this field were tempted to include folklore and mythological creatures in their studies. Today, however, cryptozoology remains by definition a speculative and borderline science. When a new species is discovered, it immediately becomes part of the province of biology.

Flamel College offers a Cryptozoologist certifcation course for persons wanting to work or study in this field.  There are many opportunities for cryptozoologists in the dozens of organizations devoted to this subject, as well as the public's seemingly endless thirst for books and articles on monsters and undiscovered animals.

 Tuition for this course is $45 and includes the textbooks and manual and hundreds of resources, software and ebooks on CD. Certificate and self-laminating ID are sent with the course. Just fill them in after successfully completing the self-scoring exam in the manual. Enroll at


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