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Guided Alchemical Meditations


Dennis William Hauck guides the listener through specific meditations for each of the seven operations of transformation in this powerful recording. From the initial Calcination through Dissolution, Separation, Conjunction, Fermentation, Distillation, the final Coagulation, this is your personal guide to changing your body, mind, and soul through the unlimited power of your indwelling spirit. Includes the Grand Meditation that combines all the basic  operations in one extended session. Pure gold! 72 mins. Order direct from Amazon. $11.95




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This version of the classic Taoist meditation known as the Golden Flower includes the secret lesser and greater circulations not normally practiced in the West. Dennis William Hauck guides the listener through both lesser circulations Above (upper Tan Tien cauldron) and Below (lower Tan Tien cauldron), and then proceeds to the traditional greater circulation along the Functional channel. This powerful recording guides the listener from the initial charging of the upper and lower cauldrons to the final secret process in the middle Tan Tien cauldron of the Heart. 32 mins. Order direct from Amazon. $9.95






Tabula Smaragdina

This beautiful Hermetic composition reproduces the cosmic energy patterns of the Tabula Smaragdina (Emerald Tablet). Mathematically generated, algorithmic music is designed to capture the distilling rhythm and cosmic processes encoded into the Emerald Tablet. Using fractal processes, Bode's Law, alpha frequencies, and other mathematical principles, Australian composer Diarmuid Pigott has created the ideal accompaniment for alchemical meditation that entrains the mind according to the ancient dictim of "As Above, so Below." 72-minute CD. $9.95  Free Shipping!

Secrets of Alchemy: The Entfleurage process 

This DVD in the Secrets of Alchemy Series demonstrates how to capture the essential oils of garden flowers and herbs using the medieval entfleurage process. "Entfleurage" is French for "from the flowers" and was the original process used to make perfumes before the advent of synthetic chemistry. Today, nearly all perfumes use synthesized oils and lose the underlying connection with nature that makes alchemical essences come alive. Practicing alchemist Dennis William Hauck guides you through the complete five-step, low-temperature distillation process using your own materials at home. Make aromatherapy oils, perfume, cologne, after-shave, etc. Includes fascinating discussion of the esoteric principles involved.
60-min DVD. Item # 806. 2005. $19.95 - Now $9.95  Free Shipping! 


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