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Still the most respected and authoritative guide to ghosts in the United States! Completely updated every five years! This one-of-a-kind book is both a fascinating and unusual travel guide and an indispensable reference casebook for serious researchers. The result of a five-year research project with the cooperation of several national organizations, this unique directory lists over 2,000 locations in all fifty states where paranormal activity has been reported. Included are sacred sites, as well as haunted houses, hotels, inns, restaurants, businesses, schools, churches, campgrounds, and parks. These are real places complete with names, addresses, phone numbers, and websites. Each entry presents a history of the site, names of witnesses, current investigations, and detailed travel directions. Every case is footnoted to an extensive bibliography of sources for further research. Over 100 photographs. Regularly $23.00. Now $16.30


  • Haunted Places: The National Directory is a book of enormous importance to the study of American folklore. - Academic Library Review

  • This book is a remarkable resource guide for serious case researchers and anyone interested in visiting unusual places and phenomena.  - NAPRA Review

  • Similar works are narrower in scope and less thorough in coverage. Readers interested in the supernatural will enjoy this directory and will read it cover to cover. Buy one for reference and one for the circulating section.  - Booklist

  • Hauck's book, while piquing my curiosity enough to make me think about buying an RV, also reassures me, because I already know what I might see. For the first time in my life, I can open myself safely to the Other Side.  - Lily Warner in Fate Magazine

  • This guide is indispensable to both the serious fortean researcher and the psychic tourist.  - Factsheet Five

  • Anyone who has had an unusual experience or has witnessed a supernatural occurrence will cherish the detailed descriptions in this book. Also, as you thumb through the listings, some of the sites may trigger a personal experience you may have had and previously forgotten.  - Brian Thomas in Magical Blend Magazine



INternational Directory of Haunted Places  On Sale Now!


From an overgrown temples at Angkor Wat in Cambodia to the empty shower stalls at Dachau in Germany, this books chronicles all the latest hauntings worldwide. Great Britain and Europe, Africa, the Middles East, Russia, Asia, Australia, the Pacific Islands, South America and the Caribbean, and all of Canada over 750 new cases with a hundred photographs of apparitions and locations. Visit haunted jail houses in Iceland. Enter ghostly castles in Scotland. Or meet household spirits in Russia. No matter what your destination, this unique guide will direct you to the eeriest spots in the area. Each entry includes a spine-tingling description plus precise travel directions, phone numbers, and, if available, Internet addresses. This indispensable casebook will be of special interest to paranormal researchers and folklorists, because it provides a unique look at the variations among paranormal phenomenon in different countries and cultures. Tourists and armchair travelers alike will find this directory a fascinating companion to traditional guidebooks. Over 700 geographically arranged entries on haunted houses and sacred sites from around the world reveals the universal nature of paranormal encounters. Precise location and contact information for each entry. 90 photographs. Oversize: indexed. Penguin Publishing. First edition autographed by author. Regularly $16.00. Now $4.80!


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